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Launch - Australian Customer Satisfaction Index 2018

Start Date
18 April, 2018
End Date
18 April, 2018

We welcome you and your organisation to be part of a historic day. We proudly celebrate Australia coming of age in recognising the correlation between CX and bottom line results.

CXlence is Australia’s most innovative Customer Experience Organisation, with exclusive rights to the American Customer Satisfaction Index in Australia. Established in 1995, The American Customer Satisfaction Index is the only globally recognised measure of Customer Satisfaction in the US economy. We are pleased to announce that over a sumptuous two course food and wine package, you will be part of history, as we hear from the following two individuals:

Dr Forrest Morgeson: Director of Research and Global CSI Manager at The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Forrest will explain what the impact of the ACSI can do for Australian business. Forrest will explain the proven direct correlation between an organsation’s ACSI score ( out of 100) and share price. The link between what your customers think, and your bottom line, will astound you!

Forrest Morgeson is responsible for managing ACSI’s academic research and statistical analysis, as well as its international licensing program and global custom research projects. Morgeson’s areas of expertise include citizen satisfaction with government services, cross-national citizen and consumer satisfaction, and the financial impact of customer satisfaction in the private sector.

His research has been published in leading peer-reviewed marketing and business administration journals. Morgeson’s book entitled Citizen Satisfaction: Improving Government Performance, Efficiency, and Citizen Trust was released in 2014.

Morgeson has consulted with dozens of government agencies and multiple corporations on both citizen and consumer satisfaction, and has delivered lectures and presentations in more than 30 countries around the world.

Already established globally in over twenty different countries including Singapore, South Korea and South Africa, the ACSI now comes to Australia. You will learn first hand how in America there is a direct link between an organisations value and share market performance and American Customer Satisfaction Index annual benchmarking score.

Martin Grunstein: Mr. Martin Grunstein is Australia’s foremost in demand speaker on Customer Experience. Martin has assisted over 500 businesses in Australia discover the secret to sustained profitability. Martin will provide an entertaining and insightful glimpse of what the best organisations are doing, to compete in a commoditised world. And the results will surprise you.

Martin Grunstein studied Psychology and Marketing at University of N.S.W. He spent four years in sales and marketing with Colgate-Palmolive before setting up ‘SUCCESS COMMUNICATIONS’ in 1985. Martin’s outstanding results with over 500 companies across 100 industries have made him Australia’s most in-demand speaker on Outstanding Customer Service.

He has also worked with sportsmen up to international level in Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer, taking teams from losing to winning situations by teaching players the mental side of their game.

Martin doesn’t hype people up, he teaches techniques and how to apply them to your business in the areas of professional attitude to business, understanding the ego of your customer, and how to generate the repeat and referral business that keeps your bottom line healthy.

Here is the opportunity to be a recognised Australian Customer Satisfaction Index subscriber in your sector of the Australian economy!

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